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 Okay.. I have a 2500 word ficlet that I've been working on.. It's snarry to be.. with a Vampire!Harry. Extremely AU.. Dumbledore bashing..I know something is missing.. I just don't know what.. my coauthor Morganlefay has been helping.. but I think its missing something.. 


leave me your email...and I'll email it too you.. Give me your opinion.. and hints at what I'm missing. I would be grateful.. 

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 Category: Harry Potter
Title: Tears and Rain
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Slash:: Harry's life is full of tears and rain. Will he ever have
happiness? Past HPDM, will be HPSS


Title: La Liberté de Breen à Vivre
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: La Liberté de Breen à Vivre Breen's Freedom to Live 
Slash:: When your life has been controlled one day too long, what do you do? You find the
freedom to live your own life! HPSS, Mpreg, first page of story will have all the pairings listed.

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 Category: Harry Potter
Title: Quoth the Phoenix
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: AU: Harry isn't the Boy Who Lived, because he lived. No – Harry
Potter was saved by someone unexpected. Secrets are revealed, pasts are
uncovered, and love awaits. Will that love bring joy or death? Happiness or
pain? Ravenclaw!Harry Fawkes/Harry :Slash:


complete and I love this story.. it's just wonderful and beautiful!
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Okay Bored and my muse has gone that way.. or the other way.. Probably on some beach.. LIKE Cancun.. or on a cruise Ship.. Damn little bint!

I have no direction. 

Brawyn777 took down The Red to rewrite then she'll repost.. *sniff*

Kammeron asked for recs on Snarry fics.. Someone who writes Severus.. as himself. 

I rec'd [personal profile] atypicalsnowman  and [personal profile] thesewarmstars right off the bat!

Was gonna do Quill Lumos.. but someone posted her before did.. 

Yes I'm rambling.. What else is new?

I think I could cry a bucket of tears and it not change my mood.. 

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Harry and Severus Cannot be beaten by Aragorn and Boromir.. OH  NO!

now do the clicky on the linky thing.. and Vote SNARRY!!

and it's number 89 if you don't wanna go through all the other ships there.. from other fandoms.. 

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Happy Birthday
[personal profile] lilyseyes  

Your drabble is giving me fits.. so it might be a few hours late.. 


Hope it was grand!
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Okay I'll admit I'll read just about anything if the summary catches my eye.. and I've read some really bad stuff.. but there is a story on its only five chapters in.. and the author just the other day threaten to pull it off the net cause she/he was getting enough reviews.. you know holding a story hostage until I get this and that..

I'm like well.. it's a good plot... the writing sucks.. but I'll get past that to read it.. but I'm not gonna review to just to make you write..

well she/he posted a chapter.. and I reviewed.. but I also said.. please do a read through.. there are a few misspelled words.. but this is a good storyline..

I got a snotty response.. an hour later..

I know I have told you before, so I am simply blocking you now. No stupid ass
grammar police welcome, read a novel if you want perfection.

well I checked..(I keep too many emails) and only have a reply back to when she/he was explaining to me her last story... question I brought up..

All I think of is.. HOW RUDE!

Don't wanna start a wank.. all new authors are not perfect.. but lord have mercy.. I keep thinking.. don't ask for reviews.. if you don't want the truth.. I mean we all learn.. and if went to perfect what we are doing..

Lord.. do the Snarry justice..

Yes.. I want to get a pitchfork out.. and just stab!

And when they post another chapter???

yeah I'll read.. but I'll not leave another review.. or even rec it.. hell Nee told me to write my own.. I should.. give the plot a twist of my own.. like I need another WIP..
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I've researched and googled till my fingers are blue..

In Great Britain, during WW2, did you have a draft? All I come up with is answers for the USA..

any help would be good.. just a yes or no would be good and what branches they drafted to?

Such as Medical personal..

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Tittle:: Everything is Bigger in Texas
Author:: Calanor
For:: Mystkytten!!
Happy Birthday!!

Everything is Bigger in Texas

"Harry! What are you doing?" Severus came the front door of their home, standing in shock. Harry Potter was petting a dragon. A great big full grown dragon.

"Mystkytten is having a birthday. I thought she might like a dragon!"

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. "And pray tell, where is she to house this dragon? She lives in Texas."

"Its Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas. She could tell her neighbors it's just a iguana. They'll believe her."

Rolling his dark eyes, "Harry. Iguanas don't breath fire."

Smiling, "This one does." Harry continued to pet the large green dragon. "Doesn't he remember what they did about the new Godzilla movie? They told everybody that he grew up from a Gila monster."

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Tittle:: Catherine
Author:: Calanor
Words:: 529
Summary:: Severus says goodbye to a dear friend
A/N:: On Tuesday evening, one of my residents died. I wasn't there, but her family came to my house to tell me. They knew how close I was to this dear little lady and how I went out of my way to make sure she was comfortable and such. And it broke my heart. But I know she's in a better place. And she's at peace now. Her name was Catherine.. Writing  this drabble is my way of dealing with my grief.. This is unbetaed... 


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