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Tittle:: Sweetest Sin
Author:: [personal profile] calanor
Warning:: HOT SEX.. not safe for Torina.. NC-17
Summary:: Harry and Severus equals.. HOT SEX.. need I say more?
Disclaimer:: Sadly not mine.. but damn.. they are hot! Wanna a Lemondrop?
A/N:: Thanks to [profile] morganlefay1958 helping me get it right.. Written for Severus *sighs* yahoo Group..

Sweetest Sin

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Tittle:: Catherine
Author:: Calanor
Words:: 529
Summary:: Severus says goodbye to a dear friend
A/N:: On Tuesday evening, one of my residents died. I wasn't there, but her family came to my house to tell me. They knew how close I was to this dear little lady and how I went out of my way to make sure she was comfortable and such. And it broke my heart. But I know she's in a better place. And she's at peace now. Her name was Catherine.. Writing  this drabble is my way of dealing with my grief.. This is unbetaed... 


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Tittle:: In the Rain
Author:: [personal profile] calanor
Disclaimer:: Jk Rowling owns the Harry Potter world, I just play in it from time to time. Lemon drop??
Summary:: Severus is alone after Harry's disappearance. His coping and where has he gone?
A/N:: I have idea where its going.. not sure how to get there.. just bare with me.. there is also art that goes with this done by Mystkytten..
it can be found here

In the Rain )
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There are four Girl!Harry stories.. that I adore.. All Snarry.. I can't find the fifth one, where Harry is sent back in time, and becomes a Gypsy Girl... hmmm

Two are Harry was born a girl, but hidden to protect him.

Three are Harry being turned into a girl because of a spell..

One is a series written by esined0319

The Mathias Prophecy Series, there five parts to this series and I love them... (complete)

In this series, Harry was born a girl and he grew up knowing this...

The Call of Destiny by Jessica LaRae (WIP)

But I think this is well done.. so far and has kept me waiting for more..

and the Insane Journal Page,

The next is Harry was boy.. but was turned into a girl... Snarry is the pairing..

Remembrance and Reunion (complete) can only be found here now on iulia's journal..

You'll have to click on this link.. ::

this next one is written by my best friend Morganlefay1958

Hana Rose's Diner.. (WIP)
Post-War, Harry is barely 18, AU, Life after V is gone is nothing like anyone expected--least of all Harry.

Found this one.. finally.. had the wrong author..

Blood Gifted » reviews
Harry and Sev will do anything to be together, even defy the Dark Lord. A scheme boosts Severus in the ranks of the DEs and allows the two to continue their relationship beneath the scrutiny of the Wizarding World. Includes gypsies, bards, slash, HPSS.

~yes this is one my kinks.. the only way I'll read het anymore...
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Tittle:: One Moment
Author:: [personal profile] calanor
Pairing:: Harry/Severus, OC/OC, mentions of Bill/Neville
Words:: 892
Disclaimer:: Jk owns it all, I just play in it from time to time. Someone owns 'Music of the Night'.
Summary:: Severus' baby is getting married
A/N:: For [personal profile] lilyseyes, Congratulations on your daughter's graduation and wedding.. I used a half a box of puffs on this.. so enjoy! [profile] morganlefay1958 helped betaed and tweaked as I went...

One Moment

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Tittle:: Don't Cry
Author:: [personal profile] calanor
Rating:: None
Words:: 320
Summary:: Ron's words hurt Harry again but his lover will wipe away the tears
Disclaimer:: I don't own Harry Potter or any other of the characters of JK Rowlings world. I just play in it from time to time..
A/N:: written for this art for the Snarry a Thon. Go and leave love.. for the mystery Artist..

Don't Cry

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